LED Panel with disinfection lighting

Provide you a better white lighting experience with 405nm LED panel light. With patent-owned 405nm cleaning white light technology, they offer a safe and continuous airborne & surface disinfection while maintaining high color rendering. They’re an ideal choice for your daily lighting and healthy life.



No Ozone

UV Safe

Features for 405nm LED Panel

  • Affordable solution to UV disinfection & white lighting.
  • Industry pioneer UV white light technology, remains high CRI & R9.
  • Adopt 405nm UVA, completely safe to humans & pets in continuous usage.
  • Proven effective disinfection to airborne & surface.
  • Full range of color temperature: 2,700K, 4,000K, 5,000K, 5,600K, 6,500K.

Details for 405nm LED Panel

Compared with competitive products, the advantages of we are outstanding

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Standard Size
The regular size is 600x600x30mm and
also other sizes are for options.

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Sterilize White LED
Excellent in Ra & R9, more comfortable.
Full range of CCT for your options.

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Mature Structure
Safe and Durable,
fit for various usage.

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Aluminium Alloy Frame
High-strength aluminum frame,
Seamlessly, not easy to bend.

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Cert Approved
Ensure the product quality meet the market admittance.

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PS Diffuser
Soft & Comfortable light,
Waterproof and easy to clean.

Installation for 405nm LED Panel

3 types for your installation

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Installation for 405nm led panel_2


Installation for 405nm led panel_3


Application for 405nm LED Panel

Applicable to most of your current lighting
For residential and commercial applications, like homes, offices, malls, stations or restrooms

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application for led panel_2
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How to work for 405nm LED Panel