Track Light with disinfection

Provide you a better white lighting experience with 405nm LED track light. With patent-owned 405nm cleaning white light technology, they offer a safe and continuous airborne & surface disinfection while maintaining high color rendering. They’re an ideal choice for your daily lighting and healthy life.



UV Safe

No Ozone

Features for 405nm Track Light

  • Maintain fresh food nutrition and taste
  • Passed EN 62471:2008, safe to your eyes
  • 405nm Fresh Light Technology for Food & Retails
  • Keep food fresh longer, Extend a longer shelf life
  • High CRI helps food look more saturated and sell better
  • Flexible rotation in 360° horizontal and 70° vertical
  • Full CCT range from warm to cold

Details for 405nm Track Light

Compared with competitive products, the advantages of we are outstanding

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Aluminium Housing
Strong for durable usage,
Efficient heat dissipation.

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Heat Dissipation
Excellent dissipation, reduce energy consumption, increase lamp life.

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High transmittance & efficacy,
Precisely, comfortable lighting.

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Flexible Rotation
Allow flexible angle adjustment,
360° in horizontal, 70° in vertical.

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Cert Approved
Ensure the product quality to meet the market admittance.

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Easy Replacement
Replace the original lighting and finish the product upgrade

How to work for 405nm Track Light

Application for 405nm Track Light

Applicable to replace most of current track light
For commercial applications related to food, like supermarkets, groceries stores, bakeries, restaurants.

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