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Are you looking for a reliable LED light supplier with competitive pricing and variety? Are you an importer & exporter searching for viable prices to boost your profits? Have you heard of LEDHOME? We offer quick quotes and competitive product recommendations backed by eight years of industry experience. Not only do we offer competitive pricing, but we also have flexible minimum order quantities to simplify and streamline your experience. Our range is packed with high- quality LEDs from downlights to panel lights, track lights, floodlights, bulbs, tube lights, high bay lights, streetlights…

LEDHOME Will Provide You Quality LED Lights

Best LED Lights for Your Lighting Project

Commercial Lighting

According to your project location and the required lighting effects, we customize commercial led lighting fixtures with high CRI(80-90Ra) and very uniform light distribution for you.

Outdoor Lighting

All our outdoor led lighting fixtures have passed the strict ageing test, waterproof test, high-temperature resistance and low-temperature resistance test, and the warranty is 3-5 years opinion.

Industrial Lighting

For this special lighting place, most LED lighting products are equipped with high-intensity lampshades to achieve the purpose of dustproof, corrosion-proof and even explosion-proof.

We're Your Great Choice

We have 8+ years experience in the lighting industry therefore we have confidence can recommend the most suitable product solution for your lighting project.

We can get very competitive rates for most of the lighting products in China as we have a good partnership with many manufacturers/ factory.

We will be online 24/7 to support you that to make sure you will get the response within 3 hours for your request product.

We have a professional technical team, and we will answer any technical questions for you. For your project, our average quote time is 1.5 days, also free samples available.

Flexible MOQ for all lighting products we have, most products have no MOQ.

Prompt delivery, you will get fast delivery time than most of our competitor, we provide samples for 1-3 days and regular orders for 7-10 days for delivery.