Outdoor Lighting

If you are looking for a supplier to help you win your outdoor lighting project. Ledhome might be a good choice. Whether it is outdoor lighting such as courtyards, walls or roads. Ledhome can provide highly competitive led products and prices. We can provide all kinds of outdoor lighting led products for your project, such as: led street lights, led wall lights, led flood lights and so on. You can choose the LED products according to the needs of your project. We will provide you with the best layout and the most suitable power parameters.

led wall light for outdoor lighting

Wall Lights for Outdoor Lighting

LED wall lamps for outdoor lighting, we also have very competitive prices under the premise of ensuring quality.

Ledhome is an LED flood light expert. We help contractors win outdoor lighting projects with high competitiveness.

We have good partner suppliers of LEDs and drivers, so we can provide good LED street lights for your outdoor lighting projects.

Additional services for Your Outdoor Lighting

Free Solution & Quick Quote

We will provide free quotes and solutions for outdoor lighting projects.

Scene Simulation Design

Ledhome provides scene simulation for any of your outdoor lighting projects.

Custom Samples

We will provide customized samples for you to test.

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